zumc crew and SAWs client on completed ramp

Zionsville United Methodist Church’s Advent Partnership with Servants at Work 

ZUMC and SAWs embark on a journey from heart to home, building hope, one ramp at a time. 

In Zionsville, compassion radiates from Zionsville United Methodist Church (ZUMC), which has chosen Servants at Work (SAWs) as its Advent gift recipient for Christmas 2023. Fueled by the spirit of giving, this venture promises a significant impact, bringing change to the lives of those needing home accessibility. 

This partnership began in a meeting with ZUMC Pastor David Williamson and SAWs champion, Bob Richmond. ZUMC parishioners have a strong history of serving the community by building ramps with SAWS.  This is a big step in working together.  The goal of the Advent gift partnership is to further intertwine the church’s mission with SAWs’, multiplying the effectiveness of our service to our neighbors. 

ZUMC’s decision to focus on building ramps reflects more than a choice; it’s a commitment. The decision speaks volumes about the church’s dedication to making a real difference. Intending to raise funds to sponsor 20 ramps in 2024, (and volunteering to construct several) ZUMC’s successful Advent offering of $38,124 paves the way for impactful ramp construction in the coming year. 

Walt Maxson, SAWs Project Manager and ZUMC member, leads the ramp builds. The congregation aims to build 5-8 ramps in 2024, with 8-10 members participating in each build. The current timeline for ramp construction is in the planning phase and will be announced to email subscribers who sign up at the link below.  

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