Arizona, Indiana, Nevada Apply for Ramp

SAWs prefers ramp requests be placed through an agency. However, if you do not have an agency and are comfortable completing all of the required forms please proceed.

SAWs defines a referring agency as any organization that serves you in a professional manner. The agency will need income information to make the request or have qualified you using their agency guidelines. Examples of referral agencies include, home health care workers, social services agencies, township trustees, or hospital case managers.

If you are not working with an agency that can complete the request, please contact Tim at tthurston@sawsramps.org for assistance with finding an agency in your area.

SAWs has two main criteria for determining if the application is a qualified need:

1. Is this request a permanent need? – We do not build for clients that only temporarily need a ramp.

2. Is this request based on financial hardship? – If you are working with an agency that has determined you have a financial need, their qualification will be accepted. If you are not working with an agency you must complete the Total Household Income information on the application.

If you are a referring agency you will need all the required information to complete the application.

**An incomplete application will result in the request being denied.