Ramp Application

Virginia applicants:  please apply using this link to the VA ramp request. 

SAWs Ramp Application Guidelines

To qualify for a ramp from SAWs, your application must meet two main criteria:

    • Permanent Need:  We do not consider temporary ramp requests.
    • Financial Hardship:  Applicants must qualify based on their state’s Area Median Income (AMI).

Who Can Apply:

    • Individuals:  Anyone in need of a ramp can apply.
    • Agencies: Organizations that provide resources to help overcome challenges, such as home health care workers, social services agencies, township trustees, rehab hospitals, or case managers, can apply on behalf of someone.

For assistance with your application, please contact Tim at tthurston@sawsramps.org.

Important Notes:

    • Personal Information:  We collect gender, race, and age information only for grant purposes. This information does not affect eligibility for a ramp.
    • One Ramp Policy:  SAWs will build only one ramp per person in their lifetime.
    • Multi-Unit Buildings:  We do not accept applications for ramps in multi-unit buildings.
    • Service Areas:  Currently, we only build ramps in Indiana, Arizona, and Virginia.
    • ADA Standards:  We must be able to build your ramp according to ADA standards