A Leap Forward: SAWs Receives Lilly Endowment Capital Grant for Operational Efficiency and Mission Expansion

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Indianapolis, January 2024: – Servants at Work (SAWs), announces a significant leap forward in the mission to build freedom, independence, and accessibility. Thanks to the generosity of a grant from Lilly Endowment Inc., SAWs is poised for transformative changes that will enhance operational efficiency and expand impact.

The $50,000 capacity building grant enables SAWs to consolidate several software programs onto a unified platform. Until now, four separate systems run SAWs operations, creating challenges in coordination and efficiency. The consolidation onto one platform marks a pivotal moment, streamlining processes and facilitating seamless communication across all facets of the organization.

This gain in efficiency translates into tangible benefits for both the SAWs team and the communities we serve. By reducing administrative expenses without increasing payroll or direct employment headcount, SAWs can allocate resources more effectively toward the core mission—building ramps for those in need.

The newfound efficiency enables SAWs to dream bigger and reach further. SAWs anticipates a remarkable 12-20% increase in the number of ramps constructed over the next two years. While these numbers are initial estimates, they represent a concrete step towards a commitment to serving more clients and making a lasting impact in the lives of individuals facing mobility challenges.

In addition to software consolidation, the grant supports strategic planning for SAWs. This invaluable resource allows SAWs to chart a course for sustained growth, ensuring that the mission is not only impactful today but also resilient and scalable for the future.

For more information or to donate online, please visit www.sawsramps.org .

About SAWs

Founded in 2003, SAWs® (Servants at Work, Inc.) is a faith-based, volunteer-powered nonprofit organization serving clients throughout Indiana, as well as Arizona and Virginia. SAWs specializes in building wooden wheelchair ramps and for individuals living with permanent or long-term disabilities in low-income households.

In less than six hours, a custom-built SAWs ramp can transform a person’s life. After a SAWs ramp is built at their home, 90% of clients describe accessing their home as “easy” and 67% of clients can access their home independently. SAWs ramps are gateways, re-opening the possibilities of connecting with neighbors and the community, and helping clients choose to remain living in their own homes. In 2024, SAWs is celebrating serving their 4000th client, and are excited about growing to serve more clients every year. For more information or to donate online, please visit us at www.sawsramps.org