Builds will resume week of May 18th - PLEASE READ COVID-19 Oprations Protocol


The following operating policy is effective immediately and will remain in effect until further notice.

If you are sick, please stay home.

  • If you are signed up to help, un-register yourself in VolunteerHub so someone else may sign up. There will be limited slots available.

A face mask must be worn properly while on the worksite or during prefabrication.

  • If you have your own face mask, please bring it. If not, one will be provided for you.
    • When removing your mask, clean your hands first with sanitizer or soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
    • You can also remove your mask safely by using the strings or ear loops without touching the mask itself. Wash hands again after removing/replacing mask.
    • Be sure to wash or dispose of the mask you bring or put the used SAWs mask in the bag provided for disposal or cleaning/disinfecting.

Practice sensible “social distancing” and maintain six feet between you and other volunteers when possible.

Hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes will be provided

  • Please wipe down and clean ALL tools & equipment after individual use
  • Immediately dispose of ALL wipes in the trash bags provided

NO personal contact with our client, and NO ONE is to enter the client’s home for any reason.

NO volunteers under the age of 18 allowed on site.

All volunteers must sign a COVID release waiver each time they volunteer. The waiver is included on the volunteer waiver on VolunteerHub.

We request that volunteers who
(1) have tested positive for COVID-19
(2) are experiencing symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) consistent with COVID-19, or
(3) have been directly exposed to someone officially diagnosed with COVID-19,
DO NOT participate in the ramp construction.