Volunteer Spotlight: Chuck Rushmore

Our SAWs volunteers are the most committed, energetic, wonderful people that can be imagined. We would love to do a piece on every one of them. Unfortunately, our space and budget are limited. So, we plan to highlight a volunteer each newsletter to share with everyone the kind of individuals who bless our mission.

Chuck Rushmore has been serving with SAWs for the better part of 5 years. Chuck is retired but worked with Electronic Data Systems working on Engineering and Management Systems. He ended his career helping with the design of Online Training Platforms. He and his wife of 40 years, Sally, are members of Faith Church on Indy’s north side where he also volunteers on the Audio-Visual Team. He and Sally have two daughters and a son, two granddaughters, a great-grandson and three great-granddaughters.

When asked, why SAWs, Chuck replies, “I like working with my hands. I like the fellowship with the other volunteers. I like helping others and giving them back their freedom; and I love being outdoors.” Chuck is the Prefabrication Coordinator for Indianapolis and surrounding counties. He also leads projects frequently as Project Manager and in his spare time, volunteers to help on builds as a worker.

Why I Support SAWs

Rob with his wife Sandi at the 2020 Polo at Sunset event. The French family made and sold “stick” ponies to benefit SAWs.

I wanted to share just a few of the reasons why SAW’s holds and will always hold a special place in my heart. First and foremost SAW’s is a God centered organization. All throughout the Bible were told to care for the less fortunate. Jesus’ teachings in particular tell us that we should not only be aware of but to actively reach out and help those in need; SAW’s does just that. They do this by not only providing ramps for those in need of help with regards to accessibility, but also by providing opportunities for volunteers to experience firsthand the joy of helping others.

I have two younger brothers who both have MS, and I have seen firsthand the challenges of accessibility that people can face. public access. Providing access to individual homes for people without means continues to be a challenge. SAW’s strives to meet this challenge and truly does provide freedom one ramp at a time.

Our company along with other corporations and organizations have the opportunity to build SAWs ramps and let their people not only carry lumber, lineup ramp parts, cut wood and drive screws, but more importantly to see the completed result of their labor. In just half a day with the entire team’s effort, there is a ramp that goes from sidewalk level to the front door. This little building project not only allows someone to get from inside of their home to the outside world unassisted, but invariably touches the heart of every participant involved in making the project a reality. This meaningful accomplishment requires many hands including financial sponsors, referring agencies, talented/dedicated individuals in the office, the fabrication shop and in the field.

Our company has been blessed by God on so many levels and we have made a commitment to give 10% of our profits to people in need. And we can think of no better partner for our support and involvement than SAW’s. The work done by this organization truly does reflect God’s love. It is through the endless hours of effort by so many people, that lives are changed forever. I am grateful that I have had an opportunity to not only learn of SAW’s work, donate to SAW’s but most importantly to actively participate in their mission

Congrats to John Hunter

Congrats to John Hunter for receiving the Golden Gift of Time award from the United Way of Greater Lafayette. John has been an integral volunteer in the Lafayette area and surrounding counties. SAWs is so grateful for his time and talents, but also the leadership he provides to volunteers.