Building Accessible Paths:

Servants at Work Giving Program

Welcome to the Servants at Work (SAWs) Giving Program. Our mission is to build accessible paths for individuals who need it the most. Our program offers a diverse range of contribution categories, each designed to accommodate the varying capabilities of our generous donors. These include individuals and organizations, with each level offering its own unique perks and recognition.

Contribution Categories

We have several categories that allow both individuals and organizations to contribute to our cause. These include the Pathway Supporter, Access Advocate, Mobility Ambassador, Visionary Builder, Founders’ Club, Monthly Sustainers, Legacy Society, and the Builder’s Club.


Individuals and Organizations:

For both individuals and organizations, we have five main contribution categories. They are as follows:

  • Pathway Supporter
  • Access Advocate
  • Mobility Ambassador
  • Visionary Builder
  • Founders’ Club

Pathway Supporter ($100-$299 a calendar year):

Pathway Supporters will receive an invitation to an exclusive virtual townhall with our Executive Director.

Access Advocate ($300 -$999 a calendar year):

Access Advocates not only receive an invite to the exclusive townhall but also get early access to Spring fundraiser tickets.

Mobility Ambassador ($1000 – $4999 a calendar year):

Mobility Ambassadors receive all the benefits of Access Advocates, along with their corporate logo on our webpage, and an acknowledgment on a yard sign (optional).

Visionary Builder ($5000 – $9999 a calendar year):

Visionary Builders receive all the benefits of Mobility Ambassadors and an optional social media mention. Individuals who give at the Visionary Builder level are invited to the Fall SAWs Summit event with our Executive Director, board and Founders Club.

Founders Club ($10,000+ a calendar year):

The Founders Club members receive all the benefits of Visionary Builders, invitation to the Fall SAWs Summit event with our Executive Director, board as well as an optional special plaque on a ramp.

Monthly Sustainers:

Monthly Sustainers are individuals who give monthly at any level. They receive an Exclusive Quarterly Newsletter and early access to Spring fundraiser tickets, in addition to thier respective tier level benefits.

Legacy Society

The SAWs Legacy Society is comprised of individuals who have shared with us their provisions to include SAWs in their estate plans. Their future gifts to SAWs include bequests, retirement assets and life insurance. Planned gifts are important for ensuring the sustainability of SAWs over the long term, through the ups and downs of future economic cycles. We are profoundly grateful for the forward thinking of these individuals and their decisions to entrust these meaningful gifts to SAWs.

  • David and Judy Ditzler
  • Julie Finke
  • Joe and Cecilia Keller
  • Tom and Jennifer Lipinski
  • Mike and Laura Mathews
  • Ana and Bob Sweet

For more information on how to make a planned gift, read our resource on how to make charitable bequests and beneficiary designations. To inform us that you have included SAWs in your estate plan, please contact Tim Thurston.

Builders Club:

The Builder’s Club consists of groups that both fund and volunteer ramps, minimum one per year. They receive an annotated logo on our webpage, their logo on our landing page slider, and optional mention in our annual report. 

Regardless of the level of contribution, every donor is crucial to our mission. Each contribution helps us build accessible paths, and each path brings us one step closer to a world where mobility is a right, not a privilege. Thank you for considering supporting SAWs and our cause.