Transformative Impact: A Ramp’s Five-Year Journey

Every once in a while, a simple structure can make an extraordinary impact. In the summer of 2018, a simple wooden ramp came into existence. Its purpose? To provide mobility and independence to those who needed it most. Little did it know that its journey would take it through four addresses over the next five years, each with its own unique story. Behind this tale is the dedication of Project Manager and Area Coordinator, John Hunter, whose unwavering commitment made it all possible.

Jerry in Fountain County: The First Home

This sturdy ramp was born on June 11, 2018, and its first destination was Jerry’s home in Fountain County. Jerry, a kind-hearted soul, had been living with mobility challenges, and the ramp was a godsend. It allowed him to move freely and regain some of the independence he cherished. Tragically, Jerry passed away in 2019, leaving behind fond memories and the ramp that had made his life better.

Joan in Benton County: A Second Chance


After Jerry’s passing, the ramp found a new purpose when it was relocated to Joan’s home in Benton County. Joan, too, had faced mobility issues and was thrilled to receive the ramp. It served her well for over a year, but fate had another twist in store.

A Legacy of Giving: Repurposed for the Community

In 2020, Joan passed away, leaving a loving family who wanted to honor her legacy of giving. They decided to repurpose the ramp to benefit someone else in the community who needed it. This act of kindness not only celebrated Joan’s memory but also continued the ramp’s journey of bringing assistance and support to those who needed it most.

Debra in Benton County: A Second Homecoming

The ramp was then relocated to Debra’s home in Benton County, once again making a difference in someone’s life. Debra, like the others before her, found newfound freedom and accessibility thanks to the ramp. It became a symbol of hope, proving that even in challenging times, communities can come together to help one another.

Wendy in Carroll County: The Latest Chapter (2022-Present)

The ramp’s journey continued as it found its current home with Wendy in Carroll County. Wendy, who faced her own set of challenges, welcomed the ramp with open arms. With each passing year, this simple wooden structure continues to be a source of empowerment, symbolizing the strength of individuals and the support of a caring community.

John Hunter: The Driving Force Behind the Journey

None of this would have been possible without the dedication of John Hunter, the Project Manager and Area Coordinator who facilitated the construction and removal of the ramp at each location. His commitment to ensuring that the ramp found its way to those who needed it most is a testament to the spirit of volunteerism and community support that makes projects like these possible.

In its five-year journey through four different homes, this unassuming wheelchair ramp has touched countless lives, leaving a legacy of compassion, resilience, and the power of lending a helping hand. It reminds us that even in times of change and loss, the spirit of generosity and community prevails, making the world a better place, one ramp at a time.