SAWs Expanding Operations in Pulaski County

We are delighted to share that Servants at Work (SAWS) is expanding its operations to Pulaski County in February 2022. This partnership with BraunAbility and the Community Foundation of Pulaski County will enable us to provide additional support and assistance to families in Winamac and Pulaski County. By entering into this partnership, we are taking an exhilarating step towards our goal of granting people with ambulatory disabilities from low-income households access and mobility.

At a meeting in Winamac, SAWs’ staff joined forces with BraunAbility and the Community Foundation of Pulaski County to discuss plans for constructing buildings that would be accessible to Pulaski County’s residents. Volunteers prefabricate wooden ramps on site and BraunAbility provides the space for this purpose, with the ramps then being assembled at clients’ homes. At the BraunAbility facility, SAWs toured the premises and had the chance to speak with accessibility advocates. SAWs have committed to constructing numerous additional ramps provided by BraunAbility over the coming year for residents. The Winamac area is seeing an increase in access and enhanced lives for people living with disabilities, thanks to the collective efforts of SAWS, BraunAbility, and the Community Foundation of Pulaski County.

By working together, we will construct ramps in the area to ensure that everyone is able to access their residences securely and with ease. This project is made possible thanks to the generous support of BraunAbility, the Community Foundation of Pulaski County, and all of our donors. The Pulaski County Community Foundation has generously awarded SAWs a grant of $11,500 to build new, ADA-compliant custom ramps for 5 to 6 families. BraunAbility volunteers are helping SAWs to design and construct a ramp at each client’s residence. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to create a more inclusive community for people of all abilities, and we are eager to have a positive effect.

To donate online, apply for a ramp, or to find out more information, please visit