3 Essential Tools You Need to Build a SAWs Ramp

3 Essential Tools You Need to Build a SAWs Ramp

SAWs (Servants at Work, Inc.) is an organization that specializes in residential access ramp builds to improve mobility and accessibility for people with disabilities. Ramp builds are essential to increase independence and provide safe access to the home. However, having the right tools is just as important in ensuring a successful ramp build. From power saws to measuring tools, having the appropriate equipment not only ensures the ramp is built to code and safely, but also increases efficiency and reduces the risk of injury on the job site. Project managers provide guidance on how to use each of these tools so that volunteers can assemble a ramp within a few hours.

Power saws

Power saws play a crucial role in the construction of residential access ramps for SAWs’ clients. Circular saws, miter saws, and table saws are all essential power saws that are commonly used in ramp builds. Circular saws (corded or battery-operated) are versatile and can handle a variety of cuts, making them perfect for rough cuts on boards used for platforms and ramp frames. Miter (or chop) saws are precise and perfect for making angled cuts. Table saws are a heavy-duty tool that is perfect for making rip cuts and cross cuts, providing accuracy and efficiency on the job site.


Impact drivers

Battery-operated impact drivers are powerful tools for assembly of wooden residential access ramps. These tools are designed to drive screws and bolts quickly and easily as well as a tool that volunteers can use easily when assembling a ramp.  Unlike traditional drills, impact drivers use a hammering action to drive screws and bolts, providing more power and speed Impact drivers also have a quick-release chuck to easily  switch between bits, saving time and increasing efficiency on the job site.


Power sanders

Power sanders are quite helpful when finishing the ramp handrails They are used to smooth and refine the ramp handrails, making it safe and comfortable to use. Orbital sanders are great for removing rough spots and creating a smooth surface. The use of power sanders not only results in a smoother surface, but also helps to reduce splinters and rough spots that can cause injuries. Handrails and other components must be sanded to a smooth finish to ensure the safety of those using the ramp.

Power saws, impact drivers, and power sanders are three essential tools for a ramp build site when constructing residential access ramps for SAWs’clients. As with all tools, users should know how to use each one safely and receive instruction on proper use. Power saws provide accuracy and precision in cutting and framing, impact drivers offer speed and power in driving screws and bolts, and power sanders help to refine and smooth the surface of the ramp. Having these tools on hand at a ramp build site ensures quality and safe ADA-compliant ramps as well as they are easy to transport to each build site. These tools not only help to increase efficiency, but they also reduce the risk of injury on the job site. By providing well-constructed ramps, SAWs clients can experience increased independence and accessibility to their homes.

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