Servants at Work builds 200 ramps in St Joseph County Indiana

SAWs Celebrates 200th Ramp Installation in St. Joseph County

Servants at Work has just installed its 200th ramp in St. Joseph County, Indiana. This milestone is part of their 20-year journey, with over 4,000 ramps installed across the country, helping people with mobility issues regain their freedom.

Two Decades of Service

Founded in 2003, SAWs aims to improve the lives of people with permanent or long-term disabilities. The organization builds safe, wooden ramps for low-income households, allowing individuals to access their homes easily. Volunteers, driven by faith and compassion, have transformed lives in Indiana, Arizona, and Virginia.

Frank Aquila, the Area Coordinator for St. Joseph County, leads a dedicated team of volunteers. He said, “We basically step in, making way for them to have freedom and accessibility to their homes and to be able to get out in the community and share a life with their friends again.”

“I think this is going to be a gamechanger.”

Client Greg and his mom with SAWs St Joseph County Volunteer crew
Celebrating the 200th ramp: Greg and Susan (front) and SAWs St. Joesph County Volunteer Crew (back row).

Celebrating the 200th Ramp

On a bright Saturday morning, the SAWs team gathered to build their 200th ramp for Susan Chambers and her son, Greg, in Mishawaka. Susan, 84, has had mobility issues for four years, making it hard to enter her home. Greg, a quadriplegic for 43 years, uses a power chair and struggled to assist his mother.

The new ramp has been a game-changer for the Chambers family. Greg said, “I think this is going to be a gamechanger.” This ramp ensures both Greg and Susan can safely and easily access their home, greatly improving their daily lives and community connection.

SAWs volunteer and veteran constructs a wooden ramp The Impact of SAWs

SAWs’ work goes beyond just building ramps; it restores independence and social connections. According to the organization, 90% of clients find it easy to access their home after a ramp is built, and 67% can do so independently. 

These ramps are not just physical structures; they are gateways to freedom and community engagement.

As SAWs celebrates this milestone, they continue to plan for the future, aiming to help even more people each year. Their work transforms lives and creates inclusive communities where everyone can participate fully.

How You Can Help

SAWs depends on donations and volunteers to continue their impactful work. To support SAWs, consider donating or volunteering. Together, we can build a world where accessibility is a reality for all.