Renee’s Story

Renee was enjoying her internship, preparing for a career in physical fitness, was just 21 when she was hit by a drunk driver and forced to abandon those plans, at least for the short-term. Because of injuries sustained during the accident, Renee spent several weeks in a rehabilitation facility with half of her body paralyzed. Once her condition had improved, the rehab facility required her to have a ramp installed at her home before they would discharge her. They knew that in order to enter her home, Renee would have to be able to climb fifteen stairs leading to her front door, an insurmountable task given her partial paralysis.

When SAWs learned of Renee’s dilemma, we immediately went to work. Because of the ramp we provided, Renee was able to return home the night before the installation. Upon completion of the ramp, Renee came onto her front porch, rolled to the ramp platform, cut the ribbon on her brand new ramp and traveled down to the bottom to enjoy some cookies and lemonade with SAWs volunteers. Renee continues to recover from the accident and in the meantime is able to get outside and connect with her community.