March 2021 E-News

SAWs Announces the 3000th Ramp
As we ramp up our 2021 build season, SAWs is very excited to announce that on August 14th SAWs will be constructing their 3,000th ramp. What an exciting milestone for SAWs! (The first ramp was built in 2003.) There will be a “Blue-Ribbon” ceremony that will include an impactful client storyline, media coverage, buffet lunch, and more.

This Addition of E-News includes:

  • SAWs Announces the 3000th Ramp
  • Changing Lives One Ramp at a Time: Talica’s Story
  • Partner Spotlight: Second Presbyterian Church
  • New Staff Member: Tim Thurston
  • Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities
  • Project Manager Training
  • Crabbie Golf Outing

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