GIVE: Building Accessbile Paths

Welcome to the heart of transformation! Discover the impact of your generosity, explore client success stories, and find ways to get involved. 

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Individual Giving

Legacy Society

  • Be remembered for creating lasting change by including SAWs in your estate planning. 

  • Learn about distributions, monthly giving, and honoring loved ones. 

When gifts are entrusted to SAWs at the end of a life without any prior notification to SAWs, there is no opportunity to recognize and show our appreciation for such meaningful generosity. SAWs Legacy Society provides a way for SAWs to assure you that your intentions will be honored and to thank you for your thoughtfulness. In turn, by allowing SAWs to recognize and thank our deferred giving donors, SAWs Legacy Society members serve as role models for other donors and philanthropists. If you have made such a provision, please notify us and consider becoming a SAWs Legacy Society member. In addition to our unwavering gratitude, members receive the following benefits and acknowledgements:
  • Recognition in SAWs annual report, on its website and other materials where planned gifts are acknowledged (unless you request to remain anonymous)
  • Invitations to special events
  • Opportunities to engage with similar-minded donors and community leaders

In Honor / Memory of

  • Pay tribute to a loved one by making a donation that leaves a lasting impact.

In Honor / Memory of

  • Pay tribute to a loved one by making a donation that leaves a lasting impact.

Immediate Donations

  • Ready to make an instant difference? Your contribution, big or small, matters now.

Organizational Giving

Sponsor a Ramp Build

  • Partner with us to create accessibility. Sponsor a ramp build and witness transformation. 

Donate Unrestricted

  • Empower our mission with unrestricted support from your organization. 

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

  • Discover the power of community-driven fundraising. Organize or participate in impactful campaigns. 

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  • Explore our partnerships with grantors and community foundations. 

  • View images showcasing collaborative efforts and the potential impact of your support. 

  • Access annual reports, 990s, and details on where to send payments to fund our mission.